Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 Cappuccino Royale Recipes - Fevorite Drink

Recipe For 2 Variation Cappuccino Royale | The following are Cappuccino Royale recipe perfect! A very nice and easy to make Cappuccino Royale to in try! Way make Cappuccino Royale as follows:

Creme de Cacao Cappuccino Royale Recipe

Ingredients Makes For Cappuccino Royale:
  • Half c half-and-half
  • Half c Freshly brewed espresso
  • Two tb Brandy
  • Two tb White rum
  • Two tb Dark creme de cacao
  • Sugar to taste

How To Make For Cappuccino Royale:

Whisk half-and-half in heavy small saucepan over high heat until frothy, about Three minutes. Divide espresso coffee between Two cups. Add half of brandy and creme de cacao to each cup. Re-whisk half-and-half and pour into cups. Sweeten to taste with sugar. and ready to enjoyed.

Cocoa~Grande Cappuccino Royale

Ingredients Makes For Cappuccino Royale:
  • Four-half cups Milk
  • One cup Water
  • One heaping tbsp. Instant Coffee
  • One-Half tsp. Sugar
  • Whipping Cream (optional)
  • Six Thin Wafers (for decoration, optional)
  • Nutmeg or Cinnamon (optional)
  • * Whole milk provides the richest froth, but can be substituted with an equal amount of 2%, 1%, skim, or soy milk, if preferred.

How To Make For Cappuccino Royale:

Combine 4½ cups Milk, 1 cup Water, 1 tbsp Instant Coffee, 1½ tsp Sugar and Whipping Cream (optional) In a blender. Add to whipping cream and in top drink then garnish with wafer and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg, if desired. and ready to enjoyed.

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